Gloria & Gaia

We are friends bound by the same passions, backgrounds and areas of practice: advertising and events planning.

Our experiences abroad led us to the point where we left our desk jobs in order to pursue something which would both better represent us and that would more greatly challenge our creativity. Combining our skills and passion interests (such as our love for sport and nature, along with socializing) allowed us to finally bring forth a project we really believe in. Come and discover it. You are all welcome!


We organise holidays which focus mainly around sport for both tourists and locals who love Italy and its gorgeous landscapes.


We offer a wide range of activities, rangingfrom extreme sports to relaxation, well-beingand entertainment, all of which are conducted in English while surrounded by breathtaking Italian scenery.


Therefore, if you like to stay in shape, have fun, relax, meet people from all over the world and to fully experience Italy, this is your opportunity!


How would you like to structure your holiday?
What kind of activities and what type of places would you like to discover? Help us organise your perfect holiday so that your expectations are never disappointed!

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